Lenzie Galafest Sponsor Profile – Jones Engineering

what do you do?

We carry out all types of welding and mechanical repairs and also have a bespoke fabrication service.  To compliment this we also offer a sign writing service and can do all types of signs, vinyl graphics and


What’s your experience of the Lenzie gala day?

Lenzie Gala day has always been a favourite within the community and well attended if the weather is nice.  We like the idea of the new marquee feature which is sponsored by CODA estates as it means that not only are there great new artisan stalls being included but also we can shelter there if the weather decides to sabotage us on the day.


What do you think of the new and improved GalaFEST?

To be honest it is exciting. The gala has always been great but if there are any opportunities to change the offering and make it bigger and better then lets support it as a community by going along on the day or supporting as a business.


Why did you choose to offer your support to LCC to bring the GALA day to life?

There are a small number of people within our community who work very hard every year to make this event possible.  If we can support in any way then we will. After all we hope to enjoy it with our families for years to come and in order to make it bigger every year then taking a small sponsorship package really can make all the difference to making the event go ahead or not.  It is about community spirit, not just business.


What would you like to see next year?

We would like to see more stage acts and entertainment.


What would you say to anyone who is thinking of becoming a Friend of Lenzie GalaFest?

What have you got to lose?  Becoming a friend of Lenzie Galafest is a great way to let people know what we do but also that we are serious about supporting the community as well.