Various consultations take place from time to time, where public authorities such as East Dunbartonshire Council look for a response from residents on a particular issue.

Local Planning is based on a Local Development Plan (LDP) which guides the future use of land, sets out proposals for development and provides the framework for dealing with planning applications.  LDP 2017 has been adopted by the Council and it will run until 2022.  Local Development Plan 2 was adopted by East Dunbartonshire Council at the end of 2020 and consultations are under way.

Lenzie Parking Study Options – This study dealt with on-street parking in residential areas close to Lenzie Station.  A range of measures had been developed and the most recent community consultation about these was on 28th March 2018.  Analysis of the consultation returns showed that the majority opinion of residents was not to implement either of the two parking arrangements suggested.  EDC has therefore decided to limit the scheme to enforceable measures necessary for safety and to the improvement of short-term availability of parking around the Queen’s Buildings shopping area.  This scheme has now been implemented.

Transport Options

This study examines a wide variety of transport issues – Active Travel, Public Transport, Roads and Parking.  A variety of options are given and you can respond as to which of these you prefer.  There are drop-in sessions at various local venues and these are given in the following link – TOR Leaflet-1

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