The future of housing in Lenzie

Friday 15th January (this week) is the deadline for submission of ‘representations’ on the current East Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan for the next few years. Making a representation can be as simple or as complex as you like. There is only one form to fill in (go to the Council website at and there it is in Word and pdf formats.Lenzie Community Council has drafted three representation forms, as follows:

  • Against a proposal for housing to fill in the Green Belt space between the Millersneuk Avenue housing and the new development at the former Lenzie Hospital
  • Against former proposals including those at Boghead Road and Crosshill Road (which might be appealed/renewed)
  • In favour of recent Scottish Government policy changes which would prevent traffic-generating developments which are further from public transport links than 400m walking distance.

There is still time (just about!) to support these representations if you wish. If you need help or advice contact your Community Council via the website contact link.

LDP” map extract