Station Orphaned

lenziestationpsAdopt-a-Station is a Scotrail scheme where a voluntary group such as Rotary or a Horticultural Society, local to a Station, agrees to plan and maintain a rotation of plants and flowers to brighten up the Station environment.  Scotrail provides the tubs and reimburses the costs.  Lenzie Community Council was asked to join the scheme nine years ago and has been maintaining plant tubs in the Station ever since.  These certainly have given passengers on trains and those waiting on the platforms something more interesting to look at as they wait.

Unfortunately, the rules have now changed and the Council are no longer eligible to participate under the terms originally agreed.  If there is such a voluntary group out there which would like to adopt Lenzie Station in this way, or if you know of some like-minded people who would be able to get together to do this, get in touch via the website ‘contact us’ link and we will put you in touch with the Scotrail person who is administering the scheme.