The first event linked to GalaFest 2019 will be the crowning of this year’s Gala Queen and Gala Champion which is happening TODAY and will be hosted by the team at Lenzie Meadow Primary School.
Lenzie’s “Royal Family” is made up of children from our local primary schools. This year the Gala Queen is Lucy Stevenson & our Gala Champion is Kai Kahlon-Andrew both from Lenzie Meadow P.S. Our royal attendants are Maids of Honour Sarah from Millersneuk P.S and Morven Jackson from Holy Family P.S. Our Paige boy is Jack Hood also from Lenzie Meadow P.S.
We are sure that it will be a great day with the host Primary School putting on a wonderful occasion for the local children to enjoy including singing, poems and speeches.

We will be joined by Guests of Honour Liz Ibbotson, veteran of Lenzie Gala Day organisation throughout its history, who will be delivering a short speech on the importance of this event and our 40th anniversary celebrations. Christine Morrison will also join us having recently taken a step back from organising the Gala Queen crowning ceremony. Christine has proven to be an invaluable asset in making this event a great success during her time and will continue to offer advice and guidance to the new team members.

Paul King, Gala Convenor, had this to say:
All of the team have been working hard on making the 40th Lenzie Galafest a day to remember. The whole day is about the Lenzie community and children enjoying themselves. None of this would be possible without the dedication of a team of only 6 or 7 individuals who bring this all together. In years to come I hope that all the children involved in being part of the Lenzie ‘Royal Family’ will share their memories with others and inspire them to become involved. I cannot thank everyone involved up until now enough for all the effort that they put in and cannot wait to see the 40th Lenzie Galafest in full swing later this year.

Lenzie GalaFest will be held at Lenzie Rugby Club on 24th August 2019. The procession will leave from Lenzie train station at 12pm and the event will run until 4pm. Lenzie GalaFest is a local event brought to you by Lenzie Community Council, a small team of dedicated volunteers and our wonderful sponsors, which is designed to bring together and celebrate the community of Lenzie.

We are inviting all members of the community to secure a sponsorship package – find out more by contacting lenziegala@gmail.com.